Meet Senator Larry Obhof

Senator Larry Obhof is one of the leading conservative voices in Ohio.  He proudly represents the people of the 22nd District, which includes Medina, Ashland and Richland Counties and portions of Holmes County.  Obhof was unanimously chosen by his colleagues to serve as Senate President Pro Tempore, the second highest leadership position in the Ohio Senate. 

Senator Obhof is focused on improving Ohio’s economy and creating opportunities for economic growth.  A strong advocate of fiscal responsibility, smaller government, and lower taxes, Larry Obhof supported $5 billion in tax cuts and voted to end the job-killing Death Tax.  Obhof co-sponsored laws requiring performance audits of state agencies and a significant overhaul of Ohio’s regulations, getting rid of the red tape that gets in the way of small business growth.    

Larry Obhof sponsored Ohio’s “Founding Documents Bill,” a first-of-its-kind law to get back to basics and educate our children about the greatness of America.  The law ensures that Ohio’s high school history students will study the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, the cornerstones of our Republic.   

Senator Obhof is widely recognized as one of the most effective legislators in Ohio.  Major newspapers have noted that he stands out “for notching legislative victories” and is “instrumental in passing key bills.”  He has received numerous honors or awards in recognition of his efforts, including being named “Watchdog of the Treasury” by the United Conservatives of Ohio, a “Friend of Agriculture” by the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, and the “Guardian of Small Business” by the National Federation of Independent Business.  He has received several “Legislator of the Year” awards, including awards that recognize his efforts to improve Ohio’s economy by cutting taxes and fees.   

On multiple occasions, Senator Obhof has been named a “Defender of Liberty” by the American Conservative Union for earning a perfect score in the organization’s state legislative rankings.  In 2012, Obhof received the annual “Freedom Award” from the Ohio Christian Alliance.

In addition to his legislative duties, Senator Obhof is an attorney at an internationally-known law firm.  Obhof was part of the legal team that challenged the constitutionality of President Obama’s health care law on behalf of a small business association and 26 states, and he has defended religious liberty, property rights, and Second Amendment rights in the courts.  

Senator Obhof resides in Medina with his wife, Nicole and their three daughters.